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UGGA: Uganda Girl Guides Association

The Uganda Girl Guides Association (UGGA) is a voluntary organization committed to the growth and development of girls and women. Since 1984, UGGA has been a member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). UGGA focuses on providing non-formal education programs and trainings based on the core principles of guiding. Their program areas include advocacy on issues affecting girls and young women in their communities, such as gender-based violence, menstrual hygiene management, and alcohol harms. The target beneficiaries of UGGA are girls and young women aged 3 to 35 years.

The IOGT-NTO Movement collaborates with UGGA in a five-year program ”Alcohol Harm Prevention”. This program aims to address the increasing consumption of alcohol among young people in Kumi District, located in the Teso region of Eastern Uganda. By working together, UGGA and the IOGT-NTO Movement strive to prevent alcohol-related harm and promote healthier lifestyles in the community.

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UAPA: Uganda Alcohol Policy Alliance 

Uganda Alcohol Policy Alliance (UAPA) is a network of civil society organizations, founded in 2011 to advocate for effective policies to curb alcohol-related harm in Uganda. Envisioning a nation free from alcohol related harm and a mission to engage individuals and civil society organizations in policy formulation and regulation to prevent alcohol related harm in Uganda.

UAPA’s Strategic Areas are: Advocacy; for the enactment of evidence-based policies and legislations regulating the production and consumption of alcohol.  Networking; to strengthen the UAPA platform for dialogue and information sharing for various stakeholders to mitigate alcohol related harm. Capacity Building of stakeholders in the promotion and delivery of policies and practices for prevention of alcohol related harm .

Alcohol Harm Control through Evidence-Based Policies & Legislations. The project focus is  to advocate for enactment of evidence-based policies and legislations regulating production and consumption of alcohol, Strengthen UAPA platform for dialogue and information sharing for various stakeholders to mitigate alcohol related harm; build capacity of stakeholders in the promotion and delivery of policies and practices to prevent alcohol related harm  UAPA will engage legislators, government agencies and likeminded organizations, academicians, technocrats and development partners among others.

RGGA: Rwanda Girl Guides Association

Rwanda Girl Guides Association (RGGA) is a national non-governmental organization with the prior aim of enabling girls and young women to acquire skills leading to their development and autonomy and to become agents of positive change as responsible citizens. Rwanda Girl Guides provides opportunities to grow, learn and have fun in relevant and meaningful ways were one can harness their individual potential while remaining sober and healthy.

The purpose of the project/programme is to minimize alcohol effects by 30% among the youth in the project areas by 2027 leading to the improvement of health and socio-economic welfare.

The programme activities will focus on prevention of alcohol and drug abuse by educating youth about the effects of those substances and supporting them to raise awareness in their communities. The Minister has requested to renew the health sector policy and consider the alcohol policy as a chapter, it has been submitted in January 2023 by the technical advisory of the Minister of Health.

The technical advisory team of the Minister of Health has submitted the second draft of the Alcohol Policy to the Prime Minister in January 2023. After its publication, RGGA will ensure its dissemination in all districts of implementation to youth, leaders and the community. In the meantime, these districts will be empowered to formulate and adopt their own bylaws to further strengthen efforts to minimize alcohol and drug harm and trafficking. This process will take into consideration women’s representation in decision making as well as addressing alcohol and drug harm including gender-based violence and child neglect. With IOGT funding, RGGA will be provided with tools and assets to lead effective and innovative programmes on social development and alcohol prevention, while staying a robust organization for girls and women in Rwanda.

The project will be implemented in nine (6) districts of Rwanda namely Kicukiro, Rubavu, Rusizi, Karongi, Burera, Nyagatare. It will directly reach young people (boys and girls) in and out of school as well as the wider community including parents, teachers, local authorities, law enforcement bodies, Civil Society Organizations, religious leaders, youth associations and cooperatives and other community members.

By 2027, RGGA envisions that youth in the project areas will have increased resilience to alcohol and drug consumption and bring social change within their community 2) Local government, law enforcement agencies, religious leaders, CSOs and the general community actions have reduced alcohol and drug harm,

ICCAO: Integrating capacity and community advancement organization

Integrating capacity and community advancement organization (ICCAO) is a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental youth led Organization that works with youth including adolescent girls, and young women on development, gender and health through advocacy and development projects.


TPHO: Tanzania Public Health Organization 

The Tanzania Public Health Organization (TPHO) formally known as Tanzania Public Association (TPHA) is a multi-professional Organization established in 1980 under the Ministry of Home Affairs. In 2018 it was provided with certificate of compliance and in 2022 was registered by the Ministry of Health as an NGO, thus, it can do both the profession works as an organization and community works as NGO. Its goal is to promote health and prevent disease through sound public health practices.


NCDAK: Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance Kenya

Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance Kenya (NCDAK) is a non-profit organization that brings together synergistic relationships of multi-sectoral stakeholders to facilitate active promotional and advocacy activities for prevention and control of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and the provision of quality NCD care services. NCDAK responds to the global call of action for the prevention and control of NCDs including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, cancers, chronic lung diseases, sickle cell disease, epilepsy and mental health disorders.


BCK: Blue Cross Kenya

Blue Cross Kenya is an independent not for profit organization with a vision of sober communities and a mission to mobilize alcohol prevention, treatment, and after care intervention for the whole family. BCYCBO works with children, youth and families affected by alcohol and drug use/abuse in Kenya. its major focus being on prevention, harm reduction, awareness and treatment in Kisumu County and its environs.