TPHO: Tanzania Public Health Organization 

The Tanzania Public Health Organization (TPHO) formally known as Tanzania Public Association (TPHA) is a multi-professional organization established in 1980 under the Ministry of Home Affairs. In 2018 it was provided with certificate of compliance and in 2022 was registered by the Ministry of Health as an NGO, thus, it can do both the profession works as an organization and community works as NGO. Its goal is to promote health and prevent disease through sound public health practices.

TPHO main strategic areas are to strengthening organizational and management capacity, knowledge development through research and dissemination of public health information and strengthening policy advocacy and behavior change communication.  

IOGT-NTO Movement is collaborating with Tanzania Public Health Organization in a five-year project known as ”Community Action against Alcohol Harm” the project intend to reduce Alcohol Related Harm and Violence against Women and Children by 10% by 2027 in Kilimanjaro, Manyara, Morogoro and Dodoma regions, the target groups being children, women and men. Envisioning that national alcohol policies are enacted and enforced, the community plans on controlling harmful use of alcohol use.

Through this collaboration, the IOGT-NTO Movement and the Tanzania Public Health Organization are working together to raise awareness, provide education, and implement prevention programs in the targeted regions. By involving targeted members of the community.