Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance Kenya

IOGT-NTO Movement, in collaboration with the Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance Kenya (NCDAK), is embarking on a transformative journey through our pioneering project, ”Promoting Health to Stimulate Local Development” in Kenya. This initiative is designed to address the profound impact of alcohol-related harm on individuals and communities across six pivotal counties.

Our primary objective is to advocate for evidence-based alcohol policies that will effectively reduce alcohol consumption and foster environments supportive of healthier choices. By forging partnerships with local stakeholders, governmental entities, and community organizations, we seek to implement sustainable strategies. These strategies are not only aimed at enhancing the health outcomes of Kenyan citizens but also at driving economic development in counties such as Nyeri, Vihiga, Taita-Taveta, Kisii, and Nairobi.

Through collaborative efforts, our initiative aims to empower individuals to prioritize their health and well-being, while promoting a culture of responsible alcohol consumption within communities. By advocating for localized changes, we aspire to create a lasting impact on the lives of Kenyan citizens, paving the way towards a future characterized by improved health and prosperity for all.

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