Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance Kenya

Non-communicable Diseases Alliance Kenya (NCDAK) is the national umbrella body of all organizations, patients’ groups, NGOs, CBOs and professional associations involved in advocacy, prevention, control, care and rehabilitation of persons living with or at risk of developing NCDs in Kenya.

Through membership, they create a national community of organizations, dedicated to responding to the global call of action for the prevention and control of NCDs including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, cancers and chronic lung diseases, sickle cell, epilepsy, mental health, among over other 30 conditions. NCDAK works with patient-led member organizations as well as other professional bodies.

NCDAK addresses the rising prevalence of NCDs in Kenya by maintaining well-established partnerships with various governments at both National and County levels, academic and research organizations; civil society organizations; development agencies; and the private sector. NCDAK embraces partnerships, integrity, innovation, transparency, and accountability through evidence-based advocacy for policy intervention through impact-driven projects that integrate social inclusion and gender equity.

IOGT-NTO Movement in partnership with the Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance (NCDAK) is embarking on a transformative journey to promote health and stimulate local development in Kenya. Through our innovative project, ”Promoting Health to Stimulate Local Development,” we aim to address the significant impact of alcohol-related harm on individuals and communities in six key counties.

Our overarching goal is to advocate for evidence-based alcohol policies that will effectively reduce alcohol consumption and create a supportive environment for healthier choices. By partnering with local stakeholders, government bodies, and community organizations, we aim to implement sustainable strategies that will not only improve the health outcomes of Kenyan citizens but also drive economic development in the targeted counties. (Nyeri, Vihiga, Taita-Taveta, Kisii, and Nairobi)

Through this collaborative initiative, we hope to empower individuals to take control of their health and well-being, while also fostering a culture of responsible alcohol consumption within communities. By working together to advocate for change at a local level, we believe that we can make a lasting impact on the lives of Kenyan citizens and pave the way for a healthier, more prosperous future.

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