BCK: Blue Cross Kenya

The project in the Slums of Bandani in Kisumu West Sub County, implemented by the IOGT-NTO Movement in partnership with BCK, is dedicated to making a significant impact in the lives of children from alcohol-affected families. Its primary objective is to enhance their quality of life and health through a comprehensive approach.

Central to this initiative is educating children aged 7-12 about the detrimental effects of alcohol and drugs. By equipping them with this knowledge, the project aims to empower these young individuals to make informed decisions and steer clear of substance abuse in their future.

Moreover, beyond education, the project engages children in art and digital skills training. These creative avenues not only foster self-expression and personal development but also impart practical skills that may open doors to future employment opportunities for the participants.

Additionally, the project includes advocacy efforts focused on the full implementation of the Kisumu County Alcoholic Drinks Control Act of 2014. Through community sensitization campaigns, the project strives to underscore the significance of safeguarding children from alcohol and substance abuse. By raising awareness about the articles within the act that specifically protect children’s rights, the initiative aims to cultivate a safer and more supportive environment for the youth of Bandani.

In essence, through its multifaceted approach encompassing education, creative empowerment, and advocacy, the project seeks to create a lasting positive impact on the lives of vulnerable children in Bandani, Kisumu.

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