ICCAO: Integrating capacity and community advancement organization.


Integrating Capacity and Community Advancement Organization (ICCAO) is a youth-led non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting development, gender equality, and health among young people. Founded in 2016 by a group of university graduates, ICCAO aims to bridge the gap between the skills acquired in educational institutions and the practical skills required in the labor market.

Recognizing the importance of practical skills in securing employment and thriving in society, ICCAO focuses on building the capacity of young people by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge. By integrating graduates’ academic knowledge with practical skills, ICCAO strives to address various challenges faced by youth and their communities, enabling them to survive, protect, participate, and develop.

Operating within three key thematic areas, ICCAO’s work encompasses economic empowerment, civic engagement, and social services, with a particular emphasis on gender equality. Through its programs and initiatives, ICCAO aims to empower young people, particularly young women, adolescent girls, and children, by providing them with opportunities for economic advancement, promoting their active engagement in the community, and ensuring their access to essential social services such as health and education.

IOGT-NTO Movement is partnering with Integrating capacity and community advancement organization (ICCAO) on a project known as ”Ulevi sio Dili” (Alcohol is not a big deal). The main goal for this project is to address the pressing issue of addiction to alcohol and drug abuse among young individuals aged 15 to 30. The project targets on empowering the youth to develop better self-control and make informed decisions regarding substance.

Our commitment to this project extends over a span of five years, as we sow the seeds for lasting change within the communities of Bagamoyo, Kibaha, Kisarawe, Bunda, and Musoma. Through our dedicated joint efforts, we are determined to create a future where the negative impacts of alcohol and drug abuse are minimized, enabling these young individuals to lead healthier, happier lives.

Together with ICCAO, we envision a society where addiction is not a barrier to success, but rather where the youth are empowered with the necessary tools to rise above these challenges and reach their full potential. Through ”Ulevi sio Dili,” we endeavor to create a brighter future, one where alcohol is truly not a big deal.

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