ICCAO: Integrating capacity and community advancement organization.

The IOGT-NTO Movement has partnered with Integrating Capacity and Community Advancement Organization (ICCAO) on an ambitious project named ”Ulevi sio Dili” (Alcohol is not a big deal). This collaborative effort is squarely focused on tackling the critical issue of alcohol and drug addiction among young individuals aged 15 to 30.

At its core, the project aims to empower youth by fostering better self-control and equipping them with the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding substance use. Spanning a committed timeline of five years, our dedication to this initiative is rooted in planting the seeds of enduring change across communities in Bagamoyo, Kibaha, Kisarawe, Bunda, and Musoma.

Through our united efforts with ICCAO, we are steadfast in our mission to forge a future where the adverse effects of alcohol and drug abuse are significantly reduced. Our collective vision is to empower young people to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives, unencumbered by the challenges of addiction.

In ”Ulevi sio Dili,” we envision a society where addiction does not hinder success but where youth are empowered with the essential tools to overcome these obstacles and realize their fullest potential. Together, we are committed to shaping a brighter future—a future where the phrase ”alcohol is not a big deal” becomes a reality through meaningful action and sustained community engagement.

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