UAPA: Uganda Alcohol Policy Alliance 

The IOGT-NTO Movement, in collaboration with its implementing partner UAPA, is actively engaged in the project ”Alcohol Harm Control through Evidence-Based Policies & Legislations” in Uganda. This initiative is centered around advocating for the enactment of evidence-based policies and legislation aimed at regulating the production and consumption of alcohol. By focusing on these measures, we aim to mitigate the harmful effects associated with alcohol use across the country.

A key pillar of our project is the strengthening of the UAPA platform, which serves as a crucial forum for dialogue and information sharing among various stakeholders. Through this platform, including legislators, government agencies, likeminded organizations, academicians, technocrats, and development partners, we strive to foster collaboration and consensus-building on effective strategies to address alcohol-related harm.

Capacity building forms another integral component of our initiative. We are dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of stakeholders involved in the promotion and implementation of policies and practices aimed at preventing alcohol-related harm. By equipping these stakeholders with the necessary skills and knowledge, we aim to empower them to effectively contribute to the reduction of alcohol-related harm in Uganda.

Through active engagement, advocacy, and capacity building, our collaborative efforts with UAPA aspire to create a supportive environment where evidence-based policies are not only developed but also implemented effectively.

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