UNF: Voicing, Children of the World with an alcohol-free lifestyle

Publicerat 2023-10-11


UNF is the youth organization behind the international activities of the IOGT-NTO Movement, which is dedicated to empowering and supporting young people with a focus on youth-led initiatives and projects. UNF works tirelessly to address the unique challenges and issues faced by young people around the world, this year during their participation in the Children of the World campaign, have published a debate article highlighting the crucial importance of providing children across the world with an alcohol-free upbringing. This article serves as a valuable resource for those seeking for information and insights on the detrimental effects of alcohol on children, fostering a deeper understanding of the need to create a supportive environment that safeguards the well-being of our younger generations.

To read more about the article https://www.arbetarbladet.se/2023-10-04/unf-varldens-barn-fortjanar-en-uppvaxt-utan-alkohol?shareSource=sharebutton