Running towards a healthier future

Publicerat 2023-09-14


In a world where many sporting events rely heavily on alcohol industry sponsorship, Travnik Night Run stands out as a refreshing exception. This unique two-day event, held under the moonlight in the charming Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the event was organized by Centar Za Edukaciju Mladih in partnership with IOGT-NTO Movement. ”Travnik night” has chosen a different path that places community, health, and the well-being of our children and young people at the forefront.

The event celebrated a significant achievement with thousands of visitors and 720 finishers, all of whom ran under the core message of ’’ZERO TOLERANCE” for the exposure of children and young people to uncontrolled alcohol promotion and use.

When we speak of protecting children and young people from exposure to alcohol promotion and alcohol use, it encompasses more than merely restricting their access to it. It entails educating them about the potential consequences and dangers associated with its consumption. Teaching them about the risks of underage drinking, impaired judgment, and the negative impact on physical and mental health is imperative. It also involves fostering an environment where open dialogues about alcohol use can take place, allowing young minds to ask questions and express concerns.

However, the objective shouldn’t stop at protection alone. Ultimately, our aim should be to empower the younger generation to make informed choices grounded in their individual values. This means instilling critical thinking skills, promoting media literacy, and encouraging independent thought.

Our Belief

In today’s world, media manipulation has become increasingly pervasive, influencing young minds through various platforms such as television, the internet, and social media. Advertisements and endorsements often portray alcohol consumption in an appealing light, blurring the lines between reality and marketing strategies. By raising young individuals who are capable of recognizing these tactics, we equip them to make choices based on what truly aligns with their beliefs and principles.

So, if you’re looking for a night run that not only challenges your physical abilities but also champions a healthier lifestyle, Travnik Night Run is an event worth supporting.

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