TCEF: The Thai Community Empowerment Foundation 

The TCEF (Target Community Education Foundation) is a Civil Society Organization that brings together social developers, community organizations, and government officers. Its primary aim is to foster a strong community and empower the new generation of youth to be safe from alcohol and drug-related harm, while promoting perspectives on rights and equality.

When TCEF was founded, its main objective was to support the civil society network in addressing drug issues through a community-based approach known as Community-based Drug and Alcohol Control. However, in 2014, TCEF underwent a significant adjustment by including youth as the target group. This decision was based on the belief that empowering and capacity-building the new generation would result in active citizens who not only work on alcohol and drug-related issues but also contribute to other development matters, respect the rights of others, and confidently voice their opinions.

TCEF focuses its strategic efforts on the development and empowerment of the new generation. This includes working towards changing the mindset of youth regarding alcohol and drugs, as well as addressing cross-cutting issues such as gender equality and environmental concerns.

The IOGT-NTO Movement collaborates with TCEF on a 5-year project titled ”Empowering Youth to Drive Alcohol Prevention and Sustainable Social Development.” The overall goal of this project is to create a democratic society where people enjoy a good quality of life and are safe from alcohol and drug-related harm. The main objective is to equip the new generation of youth with the capacity to build a strong civil society, actively participate in driving equal development, respect rights, and ensure people’s safety from the detrimental effects of alcohol, including related rights violations.

TCEF and the IOGT-NTO Movement are working together to empower youth, promote alcohol prevention, and contribute to sustainable social development. The project envisions a society where rights are respected, people are safe from alcohol-related harm, and the new generation plays a pivotal role in building a strong and equal civil society.

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