RTCCD: The Research and Training Center for Community Development

The Research and Training Center for Community Development (RTCCD) was established in 1998 as an independent non-profit organization. Its primary objectives are to provide trainings, conduct health research, implement intervention community models, and advocate for health policies. RTCCD focuses on several key areas, including mental health, social work, maternal and child health, nutrition, and supplementation. Over the past 22 years, RTCCD, with its team of leading health experts, has made significant contributions to the development of public health policies and the empowerment of civil society organizations (CSOs) in Vietnam. RTCCD is the founder and coordinating organization of two health policy advocacy alliances, namely the Evidence-Based Health Policy Development (EBHPD) and Non-Communicable Diseases in Vietnam (NCDs-VN). Additionally, RTCCD serves as a technical advisor for health policy reviews conducted by the Communist Party, National Assembly, and Government.

The IOGT-NTO Movement is collaborating with RTCCD on a 5-year project titled ”Empowering Community to Prevent Alcohol-Related Harms” in Vietnam. The main focus of this project is to raise awareness about the harms associated with alcohol consumption and to empower communities to take necessary measures for alcohol prevention and address violations of rights. Concurrently, efforts are being made to adopt an amended excise tax law that aligns with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and is robust enough to effectively reduce alcohol consumption.

Through this partnership, RTCCD and the IOGT-NTO Movement aim to create a community that is well-informed about alcohol-related harms and equipped to prevent them. Furthermore, they seek to contribute to the development of policies that promote public health and reduce alcohol-related issues in Vietnam.

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