Report an incident

If you wish to file a complaint or report an incident of any kind with respect to the work of the IOGT-NTO Movement, please use the e-mail


Please include the following information in your e-mail:

  1. Describe what happened.

  2. Describe the consequences of what happened.

  3. When did the incident occur, start date and end date: MM DD YYYY – MM DD YYYY

  4. Write your name and telephone number (optional, leave empty if you want to remain anonymous).

Your complaint is registered in a secure database. The complaint is managed by the Anti-Corruption Committee under strict confidentiality.

Within ten days from submission, you will receive a confirmation that the complaint has been registered, and information regarding our investigation. Unless you have chosen to be anonymous, we may get in touch with you for further information, and to inform you about the results of the investigation.

We investigate all complaints, without exceptions, according to strict internal instructions. However, please be aware that an anonymous complaint may not lead to a conclusive investigation.

Thank you for contacting us! We rely on these reports to identify incidents and wrongdoings in order to improve our organization and our work.