PDP: People Center for Development and Peace

The PDP-Center, established in 2004 by the former president of the Khmer Youth Association, has demonstrated consistent and significant achievements in promoting youth participation in civic engagement, human rights, democracy, and anti-corruption efforts over the past 15 years. Notably, they successfully collected over one million signatures from individuals to influence the government to pass the anti-corruption law in 2010.

The organization focuses on three strategic areas: good governance and democracy, natural resources and health risks, with a particular emphasis on addressing alcohol-related issues. Their current program areas include alcohol policy advocacy, providing training on human rights and democracy to youth, empowering young women entrepreneurs to participate in socio-economic decision-making, supporting forestry communities, and assisting small-scale land-owning families in registering their lands. The target group of the PDP-Center encompasses the general population, with a specific focus on youth, women, commune counsellors, parliamentarians, and decision-makers at the ministries.

IOGT-NTO Movement is partnering with PDP on a 5-year project on ”Alcohol Policy Advocacy” which aims to mitigate the harms of alcohol and its negative impact on communities, while promoting improved living conditions, gender equality, and public health among the Cambodian population, with a particular focus on protecting youth and women. The PDP-Center plans to enhance advocacy capacity within communities, engaging youth and women in discussions on advocacy, leadership, and the consequences of alcohol in their lives. The work towards persuading commune/Sangkat counselors to adopt a protective measure on safeguarding women and children from alcohol-related harm and protect their rights.

Overall, the PDP-Center’s efforts reflect a comprehensive approach to address societal challenges, empower marginalized groups, and promote positive change in Cambodia.

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