Forum MNE

Forum MNE is present in Montenegro from 2002. It evolved from an international project (PRONI Institute for Social Education than Forum Syd) into a local NGO, registered in March 2007. It works on the development of youth work and youth policy through non-formal education.  

 MISSION: Forum MNE is an organization which develops its vision by supporting the development of young people into conscious, responsible and active individuals and citizens capable of recognizing, seeking and realizing their rights, while contributing the development of a just and peaceful society. It implements all programs in accordance with its 4 strategic directions which are

Welfare and well-being of young people 

Youth and solidarity, cooperation and cohesion 

Youth and healthy environment 

Activism and participation of young people in the democratic life of society 

 Forum MNE in partnership with IOGT-NTO Movement is implementing a five-year project ”Change the Rules of the Game”. The project seeks to empower and build capacities of different actors (CSOs, youth, authorities) to influence decision-making processes and effectively engage in and cultivate environment in which young people are health literate and resilient to alcohol related harm. This is achieved through capacity building programs with the youth, advancement of health education curriculum, youth initiatives, policy advocacy, and networking. With hope that in anear future it will result in strengthened partnerships and better coordination among local and regional actors and increased mobilization of resources for reducing alcohol related harm in Montenegro.  

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