CZOR: Centre for Youth Work

Centre for youth work (CZOR) is non-partisan CSO from Serbia, founded in 2001, as a Swedish international organization (PRONI Institute for social education/Forum Syd Balkans Program), which has been locally registered in 2006. Using youth work methodology, CZOR encourages young man and woman to take responsibility for themselves and constructive roles in the development of sustainable communities. CZOR capacitates youth service providers and improves public policies affecting children and youth.

CZOR’s strategic areas includes: Promotion of healthy lifestyle and protection of young man and woman rights for development in healthy and alcohol-free environment, Prevention of social exclusion of marginalized youth, Increasing employability of NEET youth and Development of a culture of non-violence. CZOR target groups are youth, government institutions, CSOs and its national associations, parents, media, other youth service providers.

In partnership with IOGT-NTO Movement, CZOR is implementing a five-year project on ”Prevention of alcohol related harm of young man and woman.” The aim being to ensure that rights of youth and sustainable socio-economic development are promoted, and harmful effects of alcohol is minimized. This will be done through mobilizing and capacitating communities (parents, young people, CSOs) to create conditions for healthy development and build young people skills to become resilient to alcohol related harm, Adoption and enforcement of alcohol related evidence based polices through cross-sector cooperation and strengthening the role of CSOs through building national and regional alliances and Strengthening CZOR capacities as sustainable contributor to social development and reduction of alcohol harm.

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