ADIC: Alcohol and Drug Information Centre

The partnership between IOGT-NTO Movement and ADIC represents a robust initiative aimed at addressing alcohol-related issues in Sri Lanka through a comprehensive array of strategies. By focusing on capacity building programs, community camps, and social media campaigns, among other initiatives, the project seeks to empower various segments of society including youth, children, women, alcohol users and non-users, government officials, politicians, policy makers, media personnel, academics, and private sector workers.

Through these efforts, the project aims not only to raise awareness but also to foster meaningful engagement and education. This approach is crucial for driving positive change and promoting sustainable development across Sri Lanka. By conducting action research, studies, and surveys, the project further aims to deepen understanding of the impact of alcohol use on the country’s development trajectory.

Central to the partnership’s mission is community mobilization for effective policy implementation and the development of essential resources such as manuals, tools, and materials. These resources are designed to support stakeholders in their efforts to combat alcohol-related challenges and advocate for evidence-based policies.

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