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Alcohol and Agenda 2030

Efforts to prevent alcohol problems contributes to the achievement of 14 of the 17 global goals. Without action, alcohol can hinder a positive development.

The goals of Agenda 2030 are integrated and indivisible. No goal can be achieved at the expense of another and many of the goals depend on progress in other goal areas. It is also possible to identify risk factors that can have a negative impact on many of the goals - alcohol is one such risk factor.


Explanatory film: How alcohol affects the possibilities of realizing Agenda 2030


Analysis: This is how alcohol affects global goals

Movendi International has conducted a thorough review of how alcohol affects global goals: How Alcohol Affects The SDGs.

Download the PDF directly here.


Fact sheet from WHO Europe on alcohol and sustainable development

The fact sheet points out how alcohol has a negative impact on 13 of 17 of the global goals. Here is also a description of the most cost-effective measures to prevent these problems.

You can read more and download the fact sheet here.

Rapport: Alcohol use - a barrier to health and to the achievement of the SDGs

A report published by FORUT and the Center for Drug and Addiction Research on alcohol, health and the global goals. Read more and download the report here.



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