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Alcohol and children's rights

Childrens Rights can be severely affected by alcohol, especially if adults in their vicinity have addiction problems or risky drinking in other ways.

Articles 6 and 24 in the Convention on the Rights of the Child concerns children's right to health, life and survival. These rights can be affected by the parent's alcohol consumption both before and after birth, through the risk of, among other things, underweight, fetal alcohol syndrome and mental illness.

Children of parents with substance abuse also risks committing suicide to a greater extent. The greater the parent's alcohol consumption, the greater the risk that the child's consumption may later become problematic and adversely affect health.


Film: Alcohol and other drugs clearly linked to street child problems

The IOGT-NTO movement supports work with street children, including in Kenya. Our partner organization's experience clearly shows that alcohol is often part of the problem picture - both in the children's parents and in the street children themselves.


Fact sheet: Alcohol and pregnancy

Download fact sheets on alcohol and pregnancy here (Swedish). 

Book: Childhood Matters

Millions of children worldwide suffer as a result of alcohol and other drugs. This book from Forut describes the problems and suggests solutions. Read more about the book here.


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