How we work

IOGT-NTO Movement works with long-term assistance. We support local and regional organizations that themselves work for development at various levels. In total, we support around 20 partner organizations in 14 countries.

We influence politics and the citizens of Sweden

Another important part of our work is information and advocacy work in Sweden. Disseminating knowledge about and commitment to our issues at home is a basic prerequisite for us to be able to work together for a better world. Political change and popular commitment are two pillars that are necessary for more people to have their rights met in a sustainable way.

We work globally and locally

We believe in working together, both globally and locally. Our work mainly deals with five thematic areas. These areas also reflect our work with Agenda 2030. The areas affected by our work are poverty, health, children's rights, women's rights and increased equality.

In order to reduce poverty, increase health, meet the rights of children and women and reduce inequality, alcohol prevention measures are required in many cases. This is evidenced by teachers, city councils, children, women and men. Aid actors tell, for example, about women in micro-loan projects who did not want to make more money, because the man drank them up and domestic violence increased, and about children who ended up on the streets because their parents drank instead of making sure the children came to school.

When villages have received support to organize to reduce alcohol consumption, for example by limiting the opening hours of bars, raising alcohol prices or regulating advertising, they testify that domestic violence has decreased, more children have had the opportunity to go to school, productivity has risen and larger parts of income can go to development instead of alcohol.

Regardless of country and level of development, it means increased efficiency and sustainability if problems related to alcohol are noticed and reduced.

We support local networks that work with alcohol issues

For this work to be possible, advocacy work is also required regionally and globally. That is why we support various alcohol policy networks in East Africa and Southeast Asia that work to legislate on alcohol and to limit alcohol companies' unethical sales strategies. In addition, we conduct policy work on a global level, including in collaboration with Movendi International and GAPA (Global Alcohol Policy Alliance)

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Alcohol is an obstacle to development

Alcohol creates economic problems, both for individuals and communities.

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Children's rights are threatened by alcohol

Children have the right to security, health, school and well-being - rights that are violated daily around the world. Alcohol affects these rights in a negative way.