Here is our international business

Our projects are located in East Africa, Southeast Asia, the Balkans and Sri Lanka. Here we provide support for local organizations' important work and help them to develop. In total, we work today with about 16 organizations in 11 countries. read more about what type of project we support here.

We are funded by Sida, the children and donors of the world

Our work is mainly financed with funds from Sida (via ForumCiv), Children of the World and other fundraising.

We have regional offices

To ensure the quality of our efforts, we have employees on site in Tanzania and Thailand. We know that development and change take time and we work long-term with our partners to achieve results. We are proud of the work done in villages and towns and know that it makes a big difference to many people.

Here we have business

Read more about our efforts in, East Africa , Southeast Asia and Balkans

Alcohol as an obstacle to development

Many people see alcohol as something positive, but most also see the downsides in the form of abuse, violence and health problems. It is perhaps in the richer parts of the world that it is clearest that there are problems linked to alcohol - but it is also a growing problem in many low- and middle-income countries. Read more

Childrens Rights

Children are particularly hard hit by vulnerable situations. Children have the right to security, health, school and well-being - rights that are violated daily around the world. Alcohol affects these rights in a negative way and causes children to be hit even harder in an already vulnerable situation. Read more