Alcohol hinders development

We work to protect human rights and health

through preventive work and influence.

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This is how alcohol affects the possibilities of realizing Agenda 2030

What is alcohol as an obstacle to development?

IOGT-NTO Movement works with projects mainly in East Africa and Southeast Asia, against poverty, for better health and for women's and children's rights. One of our most important methods is to work on alcohol prevention - because alcohol can in various ways hinder development in all these areas.

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Childrens Rights

Children have the right to security, health, school and well-being - Alcohol affects these rights in a negative way and makes children hit even harder in an already vulnerable situation. In order for more children to have their rights fulfilled, it is necessary to shed light on and change the view of alcohol consumption.

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Alcohol is one of the leading risk factors for disease and premature death in the world

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