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Alcohol as an obstacle to development

Alcohol limits people's opportunities to personal development and independence. People have poorer conditions for education, poorer health and increased social problems. High alcohol consumption leads to economic vulnerability and social vulnerability in both rich and poor countries. But when margins are small and social safety nets are weak, people are hit harder.

Overall, we think that it is justified to describe alcohol as an obstacle to development in the world. Here we have collected films, fact sheets and materials for in-depth study and further work on the issue.


Short explanatory film about alcohol and development:

The film above is also available with English text.


The World's Hangover

The World's Hangover describes how alcohol in various ways delays and hinders development in the world. The links are clear to poverty, public health and the national economy. The book explains the connections, but is about what can be done to reduce the problems.

The fourth edition is fundamentally reworked and contains much new - including on alcohol and Agenda 2030 and a deeper examination of the alcohol industry's actions in low- and middle-income countries. Download a pdf of the book for free hereor order printed copies for SEK 50 here.

Global Hangover (English version)

Download a copy of Global Hangover here.

Alcohol and Development - A Manual for Aid Organizations (in English)

Cover image "Alcohol and development"

Many aid projects would benefit from alcohol protection. This manual can help you analyze the ways in which alcohol affects the results of your projects, and provide concrete tips on how to integrate alcohol prevention components into aid.

This manual is meant to give you this:

  • Knowledge of how and why alcohol can adversely affect development. 
  • Tools for your organization to analyze if and how alcohol affects the results of your projects: Is alcohol a harmful or limiting factor? So, how?
  • Tools for developing strategies to minimize the negative effects alcohol can have on your project or for the target groups.
  • Tools for effective advocacy work.

Download a PDF for free here.


The World's Hangover (movie)

(The film was made in 2006, based on interviews in Uganda and India.)


WHO: Global status report on alcohol and health

More than three million people worldwide die each year from alcohol. Among young adults, alcohol is the main risk factor behind ill health and premature death. The WHO's global status report summarizes the state of knowledge about alcohol and global health. Read more about this.


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