Become a monthly donor

As a monthly donor, you are our most important donor. You give an amount of your choice every month via direct debit and we use the money where it is most needed. You can change the amount you give at any time. As a monthly donor, you are an important cog in our immediate and long-term work - and it is the most cost-effective way to give, as it requires minimal administration for us. More money comes in, quite simply.

As a monthly donor, you support projects that deal with reducing alcohol consumption in communities where harm is widespread - and children and women are hit hard. When drinking decreases, security and health increase, and there is money left over to buy food or school books for the family.

It's easy to be a monthly donor, your chosen amount is deducted every month from your account, thus making your gift sustainable and long-term useful.

Of course, you can change your amount, pause or end your donation at any time. Contact our Donor Service via email at or on phone number +4676 135 9618.

A few days after you fill in the form below, you will receive an email to sign your direct debit notification via writes.

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