Revitalization of the Havelock city hostel, Sri-Lanka

Publicerat 2024-06-13

In Colombo, Sri Lanka, IOGT-NTO Movement is collaborating with ADIC to enhance the quality of life at the Havelock City Hostel. This initiative not only aims to uplift the living conditions of the hostel but also to bolster ADIC’s crucial efforts in addressing alcohol-related issues within the community.

Supported by donations from private individuals, the renovation project is currently underway. The hostel is being revamped into a contemporary and inviting space, complete with modern amenities. Once transformed, the renovated hostel will attract visitors from around the world, becoming a preferred destination.

The revenue generated by the hostel serves a dual purpose: it sustains ADIC financially while also contributing to the socio-economic progress of the surrounding area. However, the significance of this endeavor extends beyond mere physical renovations. By investing in the hostel, both IOGT-NTO Movement and ADIC can redirect resources towards advocacy work and community development initiatives. This translates to increased support for individuals grappling with alcohol addiction, heightened awareness about the risks of excessive drinking, and intensified efforts to counter the influence of the alcohol industry in Sri Lanka.

Through impactful projects like this, IOGT-NTO Movement actively drives sustainable development and endeavors to enhance the well-being of the Sri Lankan community.