Tip: Documents based on alcohol and the alcohol industry's impact

Published 2020-05-04

The documentary "Loved alcohol" is now on SVT Play. It describes how alcohol affects both people and society and is well worth an hour of your time. 

Researchers, journalists and people with their own experience of addiction tell, among other things, about how Heineken acts in Nigeria and about how the alcohol industry in general works to make the people of the world drink more. That alcohol in a number of different ways affects human health, gender equality, children's rights and development in general is something we have pointed out for a long time, but often get the question too little attention in relation to the extent of the problems. Good then that SVT bought this documentary. It is not comprehensive, and I would probably have worded some things differently, but it is clearly worth seeing.

SVT themselves describe the documentary as follows: “Alcohol is big business. The world is drinking more and more and the beer, wine and spirits industry is making billions. At the same time, three million people die each year from alcohol-related diseases. What is it that makes alcohol so attractive? What happens to us when we drink and how much does the powerful alcohol lobby affect our relationship with alcohol? ”

You can find the documentary here. It will remain on SVT Play until October 30, 2020. You can read more about how we at the IOGT-NTO movement working against alcohol as an obstacle to development here.

(Pictures above: SVT's documentary Loved alcohol. Photo: Tiberius Film / EIKON Filmproduktion & Miramonte Film)

Pierre Andersson

Police Adviser, IOGT-NTO movement