We support the struggle for democracy in Myanmar

Published 2021-02-23

A fight is going on in Myanmar right now between the people and the country's military. In protest of the military coup that took place on February 1 has hundreds of thousands people across the country took to the streets to demonstrate. The demonstrators demand an end to the violence, the release of the country's democratically elected politicians and the immediate withdrawal of the military. 
The military has responded with severe violence from soldiers and police. Dthere are arbitrary arrests and people are abducted by plainclothes militias. People have in turn committed themselves to the Citizens' Guard to protect themselves and their neighborsOn the streets, motorists stop their vehicles, with their hoods open and alleged faults, in order to act as shields between the protesters and the military.   

The IOGT-NTO Movement is deeply concerned about the situation in Myanmar and condemns strong the military coup. We have been collaborating with since 2008 civil societyorganizations in the country and now looks with concern at the decline of human free- and rights that occur.  The democratic development that has taken place since 2010 risks being accelerated shaved. Myanmar has a long history of military rule and it was a time marked by conflict, violence, poverty and hundreds of thousands of refugees in camp in ThailandAgainst this background, the military's takeover is very worrying. Myanmar risks plunging into chaos and even civil war. The people's non-violent opposition to the military must therefore be supported and encouraged.  

There is no doubt about that coup is politically motivated. The military accuseyou the winning party from the election in November last year, for extensive electoral fraud. The election gave Aung Sun Suu Kyi's parti National League for Democracy (NLD) close to 80% of the votes. The military coup took place on the same day as the parliament was to determine the election result. aung Sun Suu Kyi and other representatives of the party have been imprisoned and are now charged with various crimes. The military's own party, the Union solidarity and Development Party (USDP) received 7% in the same election and suffered a scorching defeat. Something they could not accept. 

The reaction of the outside world on what is happening in Myanmar has rightly been sharp and loud. That is why we, together with many others, demand: 

  • An immediate stop to the violence against protesters and civilians 
  • An end to the illegal arrests of political leaders, activists and journalists 
  • That the military reintroduces people's opportunities to use the Internet and other communication channels,  
  • That people's fundamental freedoms and rights be reintroduced 
  • That the world responds and supports the demands of the people of Myanmar for democracy, freedom and peace 

The protesters in Myanmar are asking for the support of the outside world. You can help by telling them about their situation. The IOGT-NTO movement supports the demonstrators' demands for democracy and freedom and cooperates with organizations in civil society, which like us want to live in peace. Now they need us more than ever.

Jens Rosbäck

Jens Rosbäck

Head of the international department & team