New method and knowledge center

Published 2020-06-11

There is so much written about aid and development cooperation. Methods and knowledge base have been developed over a long period of time. The same goes for alcohol. Research, policy development and methods for preventing harm from alcohol are well documented.

There is an important intersection between these two topics. There is no doubt that alcohol threatens and impairs development in the world in a number of different ways. The subject is by no means new, people have seen and known this for a long time - but it is not always so easy to find in-depth knowledge about it.

We are now making an attempt to gather some of the knowledge that is available. By sharing both our own materials and what is published by other civil society organizations, WHO and other actors, we hope that it will be easier for you who want to learn more about alcohol and development. Our new knowledge center contains research, manuals for concrete alcohol prevention work and policy development, and videos that explain the problem picture in a quick and easy way.

Our knowledge center is not ready. The idea is that we should constantly add relevant content as it is published. Much of the material is available in English - we also hope to have a translation of the site, or at least parts of it in the future.

Check out our new knowledge center here!

Pierre Andersson

Police Adviser, IOGT-NTO movement