Heineken in Africa: Welcome to an exciting seminar on human rights, sustainable development and alcohol

Published 2022-09-13

In the book "Heineken in Africa", author and investigative journalist Olivier van Beemen documents corruption, unethical marketing and abuse of human rights by the European beer giant. Through the purchase of local breweries and large-scale lobbying, the company has built close relationships with both rulers and warlords. The alcohol industry's products and methods negatively affect 14 of the 17 sustainability goals. More must be done – both in terms of preventive measures and policy development. What can you and your organization do?


  • "Heinekein in Africa" ​​- the practices of the alcohol industry in sub-Saharan Africa (Olivier van Beemen, author and journalist. Held in English.)
  • This is how aid can be secured with alcohol (Johanna Davén, general secretary, IOGT-NTO movement)
  • How can we ensure that companies comply with human rights? (Karin Gregow, policy advisor, ForumCiv)
  • Alcohol policy in an international perspective (Peter Allebeck, chairman of the Alcohol Policy Forum and professor of social medicine at the Karolinska Institutet).

Where, when and how?

Time: Tuesday 4 October 2022, 14:00–15:30

Location: ForumCiv, Alsnögatan 7, Stockholm

Notification: info@iogtntororelsen.se

Organizers: The IOGT-NTO movement and
Alcohol Policy Forum