CEM: Center for Youth Education

Center for Youth Education (CEM) is one of the most active CSOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina dealing with youth status and rights. The organization is located in Travnik and has been active since 1998, with four main lines of action. The first one is youth work, aimed to empower and support young people to become aware, responsible and active members of their communities and motivate them to reach their full potential. The second line is education, where we provide educational programs, based on non-formal education, to the young people, the ones they are not able to attend within the regular educational system and the topics they don't regularly deal with at schools ( violence, alcohol harms, sexual health, etc.) The third is advocacy for the rights of children, youth and women, so we actively advocate towards government and other decision makers to protect and improve their rights, in order to create a healthy and safe environment without alcohol, drugs, tobacco and violence. And the fourth line of action is employment, aimed at developing the entrepreneurial spirit, empowering, supporting and motivating young people to develop their business ideas, making them profitable, so they can make their living and employ other people. Our programs directly involve around 2,000 young people, and the number of indirect beneficiaries is over 20,000 annually.

CEM in partnership with IOGT-NTO Movement works in a project "3 big alcohol exposure". This project aims to empower children and youth to resist alcohol harm in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and engage their communities in addressing the alcohol issue. The project contributes to the creation of a systemic approach towards alcohol harm reduction, especially to children and youth, through advocacy for improvement of the existing and adopting the new legislation on alcohol harm reduction. These are achieved by the direct developmental work with children and youth and engaging the relevant stakeholders for joint advocacy campaigns towards the decision makers on the national level. More about CEM click here